There are quite a few choices in software.  What software you choose depends on your operating system, and the ease of operating the various chat programs.Most users have an ibm compatible system, running windows 95, 98 or NT. Mac users have to use mac compatible software, explained below. First, we will look at the PC software.


These basic instructions cover downloading an ibm/pc compatible chat software program. For specific chat programs, go to them in the list at the bottom of this page. mac users click here.

The first thing to do is to go to  Windows Explorer, that is where all of your files are listed.
When you have explorer opened, click on C:\ and make a new folder called download. Make sure you are in your C:\ directory.
you will get a blank folder in your folders list. Name it download and hit enter.

I like to put all of my downloads in a separate folder, so I can easily find them to install, and delete when finished installing. Some programs will not work if they are deleted from downloads, such as pkunzip, if you download pkunzip, put it in the folder you want it to remain in.  If you accidentally delete a program and it does not work, go to the recycle bin, and move the program back to your program files folder.

Now, you are ready to go to a software web site and download the chat program. Go to the web site, and find download. Clik on it, and it will ask what version you want. Choose the version for your operating system, and clik on it. Next, a box will pop up that will ask you where you want to save it, choose your download file, and hit ok. The software will now download into your file. Take a break, and when it is done, the "saving location" box will be gone. now you are ready to install your chat program.

To install the chat program, find it in the download file, or wherever you saved it. Double click on the .exe file for the program, and it will start on its own. You may get a dialogue box that says what folder you wish to install it into, usually the program makes a suggestion, so accept it. It may also ask you to quit all other programs before continuing, so close all active windows, and go back to your desktop.

The program will continue to install, and when itis done, you may find an icon on your desktop for it. Reconnect to the internet using your dial up connection, and then double click on the icon for the chat program. The chat program will start, and you are almost ready to chat!!!! The individual chat programs are on separate pages, so check the following list, and learn how to use the software.

Here is another place to find information on mIRC,

And also, some general information on Undernet

and Dalnet,

Thanks to laKijira for allowing us to link to her pages.


IRCLE Ircle is the number one Mac IRC chat software.

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