Other Chat Areas On The Internet
In Addition To IRC Chat, There Are Many Other Web-Based Chat Rooms


In compiling a list of Chat Areas, we've found that there are literally hundreds of sites to chat. Here we will showcase the most popular chat sites. If you have a favorite site that's not included here, please email us with the info. 

Chatmag's Choice. Featured Chat:

Phreik is as close to Yahoo! and MSN chat as you can get. Chatmag has checked out their site, and recommends it as a good alternative to Yahoo!

Active Worlds Browser-This is one of
                       the all-around coolest freebies on the
                       Web. It's a browser that lets you access
                       AlphaWorld, a unique, 3D virtual
                       community populated by real people. The
                       Active Worlds universe boasts hundreds
                       of thousands of users and thousands of
                       kilometers of virtual territory. You can
                       explore over 100 worlds in real-time, 3D,
                       high-color graphics. You can even "own"
                       land and build anything you'd like on
                       your property, from a simple house to an
                       elaborate palace (a process that is quite
                       easy). Active Worlds is more than a piece
                       of software; it's a way of life! (Note: you
                       need a Pentium with Win 95/NT and 24
                       megs of hard drive space.)

Chat Town U.S.A.
                       A free service that
                       offers chat rooms for all ages. Visitors
                       here can choose from over 380 chat
                       rooms. Setting up an account is easy and
                       should take around two minutes. Note:
                      "inappropriate language" not allowed.

Microsoft NetMeeting - With this cool
                       program, you can hold "virtual meetings."
                       NetMeeting offers various tools to
                       communicate and collaborate with others
                       on the Web. It lets you hold voice and
                       video conferences, share software
                       applications, chat, and share a

OnChat          A impressive, state-of-the-art
                       free visual chat service. Here, you select
                       an "avatar" (a graphical representation of
                       yourself) and then you may roam around
                       large, colorful graphical worlds, populated
                       by real people (who're also representated
                       by avatars). No downloads are required;
                       it's all Java-based (which means you
                       should have a relatively new browser). If
                       you haven't tried this sort of chat before,
                       give it a shot: it's quite fun. There's a
                       helpful tuturial for newbies.

OzChat - This free service lets you chat
                       in "public rooms" and gives you the
                       ability to create your own private room.
                       Just click on "Create Room," and follow
                       the instructions. Once a week, each room
                       created will have its contents cleared and
                       after 7 days of inactivity, these rooms will
                       automatically be erased. This is a good
                       chat service from Australia (although the
                       site loads quickly for those in the U.S.)

Palace Chat - Palace is a easy-to-use
                       major chat service, with regularly
                       scheduled live events and hundreds of
                       virtual graphical environments to roam
                       around. You can access this innovative
                       chat community for free as a "guest" for
                       as long as you like. Just download the
                       software client to get started. You can
                       also experience "InstantPalace," which
                       lets you check out the service without the
                       hassle of a download (but your browser
                       needs to support Java). If you become a
                       "member," (which costs $39.95), you get
                       extra bells and whistles.

XiRCON        IRC Client Software.This is a new
                       free beta program that is highly
                       configurable and easy to use. Many
                       features, including an excellent interface
                       and the ability to instantly minimize itself
                       to the Windows tray. It also automatically
                       remembers your favorite servers, channels
                       and chat buddies. Also supports
                       connection to many servers at once,
                       without launching a separate copy of the

We are keeping this link to Yahoo! Chat, however we advise checking out either Chatmag's Directory, or go to Yahoo! Groups.

Here is a true one-stop chat area. Yahoo has several hundred user chat rooms, in a wide variety of subjects.And in addition to the regular rooms, Yahoo  features the best moderated chat, with a great variety of guests.

    The following is a list of popular chat subjects in Yahoo, and be sure and check out the user rooms in each category, some of them are regular rooms, and you will find quite a number of interesting people online. Click on the Yahoo Logo above, and get Yahoo Chatting!!!

To find your I.P. click here.

ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT                                  REGIONAL
COMPUTERS & SCIENCE                                    ROMANCE
GENERAL CHAT                                                     ROMANCE-ADULT
HEALTH & FAMILY                                                 SOCIETY & CULTURE
NEWS & BUSINESS                                               SPORTS & RECREATION
REGIONAL                                                                TEEN

VooDoo Chat      Voodoo Chat is a free graphical chat community! Using web pages as a backdrop, Voodoo Chat lets you chat with old and new friends in a well-blended environment that lets you feel like you're 'in the room' without taking the emphasis away from chatting as most 3D chats do.

Also, please see our Individual Topic Listings for free chat rooms and discussion boards on hundreds of topics.


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