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#Aviation          Aviation Chat Room
#Flight-Sim      Flight Simulation Chat Room
#I_FLY_R.C.    Canadian RC Club
#microwings   MicroWINGS Chat Room
#Fscombat      Military Flight Simulations Chat Room


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Aardvarktravel.net  Discussion Forum.

Ace's Pilot Shop.  Discussion Board.

Aeronet-fr.org  Virtual Crew Lounge Discussion Forum (French).

Ag-Aviation.  Chat Room. (Warning: PopUp Zone).

The Aircraft Orders Forum.  Discussion Board.

Airline Flight Crew.   Chat Room.

Airlinecrew.net  Discussion Forum.

Airliners.net Chat Page.  Be sure and see their Home Page for one of the most comprehensive sites on Aviation we've found anywhere!

Airmech.co.uk  Discussion Board.

Air Northwest.  Pilot's Discussion Forum.

Airtravelcenter.com  Discussion Board.

Aviationchat.com  Chat Room.

Baja Bush Pilot's Bulletin Board.  Discussion Forum.

Cockpitforum.com  Discussion Board.

Crestlinesoaring.org  Discussion Forum.

Flightinfo.com  Discussion Board.

Florida Flying Club.  Discussion Forum.

FLYER AirPortal.  Discussion Forum.

Flyertalk.com Discussion forum for airline passengers.

Helicopter Association International.   Message Forum.

Helicopter Pilot.  Discussion Forum 

Just Plane Crazy Chat Room and Home Page.

Military Aircraft Chat. Lots of interesting information on their Home Page.

Pilot's Watch Forum.  Discussion Board.

Professional Pilots Rumor Network.  Discussion Forum.

RCgroups.com  Discussion Board.

Rotorwashinternational.com  Discussion Board.

Sleepinginairports.net  Discussion Forum. Just what the URL says, this site posts comments regarding sleeping in various airports around the world. Check out their Home Page for the links to all the stories.

Stuckmic.com  Discussion Forum.

USAviation.com  Discussion Board.

Webjetcareers.com  Chat Room.

Webjetcareers.com  Discussion Forum.

World Flight Discussion Board.

Related Aviation Web Sites of Interest.

Liveatc.net  Listen to live feeds from air traffic controllers.

Thinking about a new aircraft? Take a look at this Survey, just for laughs. Note that Iraq is under new management, but it's still funny.

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