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ClassAdrivers.com  Discussion Board.

Expediterworld.com  Chat  Room. (requires Shockwave Flash.)

Expediterworld.com  Discussion Forum.

JBhunt_trucking_families.  Yahoo! Discussion Group.

John's Trucking Page.  Look for the "join my chat room" button.

Karl Johnson's.  Chat Room.

Layover.com   Chat, Discussion Boards and information.
Also available on IRC at: irc.layover.com

Logistics and Supply Chain Chat Room on About.com

Ramp Forum. Check out this new site.

Roadfood.com  Truck Stop Discussions.

Road King Magazine   Drivers Lounge Trucking Chat.

Surviving_Sexual_Assault_In_Trucking.  Yahoo! Discussion Group.

The Trucking Bozo.  Discussion Board. (hey Boz!)

Truckingforums.com  Discussion Forum.

TruckersDiamonds.  MSN Discussion Forum.

Truckers Road.  Discussion Forum.

Truckstopusa.com  Discussion Forum.

Trucking-101.  Yahoo! Discussion Group.

TRUCKING-KEEPON_TRUCKING.  Yahoo! Discussion Group.

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Highway Information Sharing and Analysis Center.  A part of Highway Watch, containing public alerts, both national, as well as specific alerts for the highway sector and industry sub-sectors.

Highway Watch.  A new program designed to train drivers as extra eyes in the fight against terrorism.

IMAX4's Truckdrivers Trucklinks 2003

Tom Wiles.  Trucker Photographer and Truck Driver.

The Trucking Bozo Radio Show.

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