A Comprehensive List of Depression Chat Rooms on IRC and The Internet

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Please Note:  Internet Chat is NOT a substitute for competent Professional assistance. Please seek the advise of a Professional in your area.

Chatmag in no way condones suicide, and provides this list for help and information. If you find a link that is pro-suicide, please let us know and it will be deleted.

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Transformations Chat in both 
#TwelveSteps and #SupportGroup


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Building Foundations.  Discussion Forum.

Cassie's Chat Shack.

Darksiders.  Darkside is for people with mood and/or personality disorders.  Chat room and forums.  For discussions &support or just hanging out.

DepressionChat.com Chat and Guest chats.

Depression Chat on Web Net. IRC and Web Based. Chat room for depression and related mental illnesses.

Eagleenterprise.com  Chat Room.

Eagleenterprise.com  Discussion Board.

HealthyPlace.com  Depression Issues Community.

Light in the Dark Depression Support and Chat. Java chat from your web browser, or IRC chat.

Mixed Nuts.  Depression Chat Forum.

The New Light in the Dark.  Mood disorder support chatroom and message board, for all young adults and up, links to other helpful sites.

Recoveryrealm.com Online Chat and Meetings . Be part of the Solution  not the problem. Recovery Rocks!

Sadness&Sorrow.   Depression Online Support Group.

Support4Hope.com Chat Log In.

WalkersWeb.   Chat and a lot of information.

Related Depression Web Sites:

Face The Issue.  Depression Information.

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