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Apug.org Traditional (non-digital) photographic processes; includes discussion forum, gallery, and invitation to submit work.

Arab.de No Chat, but interesting information.

ATT WorldNet Photography Chat and Message Board.

BJP Online Pro Forum.  Message Board.

Bwphotographyforum.com Discussion Forum.

Cameraforums.net  Discussion Forum.

Camera-info.com Forums discussion the various makes of cameras.

CaninePhotographers. Yahoo! Discussion Group.

CrossDaily.com   Christian Photography Chat Room.

DG-Photography David Gibek, Polish Language.  Yahoo! Discussion Group.

DigitalPhotochat.com Chat Room.

DPreview.com  Forums.

Fine Art Nude Photography Chat Room.

gq_photography  George Quiroga.  Yahoo! Discussion Group.

iAgora.com Photography Chat Room.

Infrared_Photography.  Yahoo! Discussion Group.

NeT-ArT Chat Room. In English and Italian.

Photographysites.com Discussion Forum.

Pixi Port Photography Chat Room.

Portrait-Photography.  Yahoo! Discussion Group.

Woodard Words and Photos Nature Photography.

Related Photography Web Sites.

Sell your Photographs.

Photostockplus.com provides photographers with a fully e-commerce enabled website, lab services that include dozens of print sizes and novelty items as well as the ability to sell stock internationally. Photographers will also receive access to great marketing material for their business, access to assignments, contests and much more. The membership fee is only 99$ a year, they will be able to set their own mark-ups to all products and keep an 85% commission on every sale. 

The site is great for weddings, sports and any other types of events. Our international stock market is also very interesting for many photographers. We handle all of the logistics, such as billing, shipping, fulfilment, customer service, etc…leaving photographers more time to do what they do best: take pictures! 

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